Contribute to AI Shack

AI Shack is a one man endeavour. While I don't expect readers to contribute, any help however minor is always useful!

Fact checks and intuition

I try and make sure everything on the website is technically accurate. However, there may be times when something isn't just right. Reaching out to me with such corrections would be very helpful! Also, certain technical jargon has an intuition behind it - I try and expose those in an easy to comprehend manner. If you find something that's not right or if you have a better way of explaining a concept, feel free to shoot me an email!

Writing a tutorial

Do you have expertise in a certain area of AI? Worked on an awesome project recently?

AI Shack might be a good place to showcase your work and get noticed by several thousand people very day (and potentially get citied in academic papers).

I'm always looking for new articles to help the community on this website. These articles can fit the following general categories:

  • In-depth articles on specific topics relating to artificial intelligence in general.
  • An overview of how a certain task can be achieved.
  • New upcoming technology that's bound to leave the AI community richer!
  • Critiq about a recent book/article/paper you read.

I'll work with you to get the an article up on the website. As a first step, you'll need to for the website repository

Once you've forked the repository, look at the tutorials directory. That location contains all the tutorials/articles on this website. You'll have to create your own article/tutorial in that directory and send me a pull request.

Some guidelines on writing a tutorial are available here: Writing a tutorial.

If you have queries, you can contact me: