Recent tutorials

Generating Multivariate Gaussian Random Numbers

Given a covariance matrix and a mean vector, how do we generate random vectors from the corresponding Gaussian model?

Expectation Maximization with Gaussian Mixture Models

Learn how to model multivariate data with a Gaussian Mixture Model. For training this model, we use a technique called Expectation Maximization.

Finding dominant colors in an image

Here's a simple task - given an image find the dominant colors in the image. I'll walk you through a lesser known technique that does not use kmeans.

Scanning QR Codes

Recognize QR Codes in images from scratch. We'll do all the bit math to figure out the location markers and then read data from the black/white array.

The Canny Edge Detector

An in-depth exploration of how the famous Canny edge detection system works. We'll implement our own after going through the theory.

Image Moments

Image moments help identify certain key characteristics in images - like the center, area of white pixels, etc. We'll look at how these are calculated mathematically.

The OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook

This is a something that their thing is the thing ahalsk the computer vision application programming cookbook and the thing over here is weird.

A super fast thresholding technique

Learn how to implement really fast thresholding - faster than OpenCV! This technique can be a useful addition to your arsenal of computer vision.